You can use our APIs to integrate data produced by One Question into your management, external collaboration or human resources applications.

One Question allows you to launch a consultation, in the form of a small emojis-based survey, to obtain the opinion of your employees on an idea or theme. Subsequently, One Question can be used as a tool to continue the discussion around this theme.

The One Question APIs will help you to go further in this approach and share the results and comments of your employees to other groups within the company or to trace the actions of your employees to external applications tel that HR individually.

APIs for Slack, Facebook at Work and all the collaborative tools

For example, consider using Slack to share this information outside of your One Question workgroup.

Slack is the interface that centralizes all business flows. Slack brings new modes of communication, combining instant messaging and notification flow.

The One Question API in the form of Slack connectors is used to launch gateways automatically to share a flow of information around a discussion topic. Through the API, Slack can be allowed to view and manage topic discussions from and to One Question. The domain administrator will be able to set access rights for his team members.

The One Question API for Slack is also a set of tools (API, bots, incoming webhooks, slash commands ...). To each tool its role: The incoming webhook makes it possible to send notifications from One Question to Slack, the slash command to call One Question from Slack. The bot user One Question allows you to interact with users. For example, the Web API allows you to retrieve and archive a chat channel. Based on WebSocket, the Real Time Messaging API (RTM) allows a bot to be notified of any action. The Events API governs how to subscribe to services.

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