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One Question is not yet an IOS and Android app but it is a 100% mobile application to facilitate its deployment from any workstation. With the current widespread use of smartphones, One Question will soon be an app too.

Les réponses des collaborateurs à chaque question sont complètement anonymes. L'idée étant de favoriser des réponses rapides dans des groupes de travail. Le manager peut cocher cependant une fonction qualification pour individualiser dans certains cas la réponse. Une fonction très utile en mode entretien ou séminaire.

One Question a été conçu avant tout comme un outil de management collaboratif en entreprises mais sa version publique permet aussi de créer des sondages simples pour du feed back client pendant des conférences et des séminaires.

By default One Question does not allow to adapt the response formats but this service as a custom deployment according to your request and your objectives.

As for the adaptation of the answers, this service does not exist as standard but it is possible to adapt the format of the questions according to your request and your objectives.

The data created and stored by the application are saved safely by us. We completely with anonymity requirements. We also have the ability to automatically store your data on any cloud of your choice for your business.

The service is hosted in Europe on One Question's own hosting infrastructure as part of the established rules.

The company that runs the service is One Question. As part of the RGPD, it has set up the following security rules for this service:

One question is not limited in number of users but the service is designed mainly to lead management working groups of 5 to 40 people in direct reporting in regular meetings.

L'administrateur du compte est la personne qui s'est identifiée lors de la création du compte. En cas de perte ou de renouvellement de son mot de passe l'utilisateur pourra le faire en se connectant avec notre service technique.

The payment method is a payment method on Stripe. For professional and year-specific configurations, the company will be asked to create a specific account with bank and legal details.

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