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Mood Feed Back

One Question promotes Mood Feed Back and quick consultation of your employees' opinions in any workgroup. One Question is suitable for leading working groups and management from 5 to 40 employees.


One Question allows you to visualize in real time the feedback of your collaborators in the meeting to your managerial or group questions. With One Question the meeting can take less time and you can use the results to have other members vote later. The decision is perceived in a transparent way.


Our dashboard allows you to share, re-launch your projects and decisions well after your meetings. Our visualizations will always be ways of commitment for your collaborators on your decisions.

You create a question
You choose the Mood Feed Back
Share the results (Email, FB at Work, Collaborative)

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They trust us

Bruno Haddad, CEO of ExcuseMyParty

“The emotional response proposed by Facebook and Instagram today has changed the way millennials give their opinion on an issue. We use these emotions to gather simple feedback around collaborative nights with our EMP community”

Olivier Renaud CEO of Easyteam

“Our COMEX is rarely complete and our management is becoming wider. One Question makes it easy to highlight topics for everyone”

Gillen Gamiochippi, CEO of

“ CEvery month we organize a mood board with all employees of our start-up. Very useful to express oneself on all the subjects and to advance on certain problems."

Pascal Campourcy, President of Axelliance

“One Question allows us to animate our decisions in meetings, It is also used at the HR level to encourage and reward initiative."

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